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tlm data

Sorry to ask the whole group but I've just spent five hours going over all
of the files that are in the archive for JUNE 19 ----23, 2001.

First one I sent to the printer....Just the first one..... I'll never do
that again....218 pages........well only 63 of them were printed before the
printer ran out of paper......( I won't go for coffee with the printer going

Where could I fine all of the data that has been sent UP to AO-40 by the
command team ?....

NOW, I'm just after information....I do not want anyone to think that
(heaven forbid the thought) I am bashing anyone.......let alone the command
team...... I am not bitching nor am I complaining.........I just want to
gain knowledge. Also a few people said guys like me should get off my duff
and find out what went on for myself.   So I am....

Paul, do you unzip every file in the archive and look them over.....IF
SO.....THANK YOU ......I don't think I'll bite off much more of the pile of
files that you have.....I've had more fun reading phone books......

When looking at several different files of the same information. (bad CRCs
and all)  How do you decide which number is the correct value ? Even when
you have two files ( two different sources) with good CRCs and they have two
different values?     The control team must have computer program that
decode and correlate all the files in to one????...... (want to know how
many windows you can have open on a 200MHz. computer at the same time before
it locks up???? hint: the little boxes at the bottom of your screen, get
real small and rows form....... guess the correct number...win a prize....)

Thanks for any info,
de mike

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