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Re: Squawks about the ATOS

At 05:03 08-07-2001, you wrote:

>Uhuh.  Well we've had a pretty shaky track record so far...

Exactly my point..

>sooo who says
>the wheels will work or the panels will unfold?  I would worry that
>activating them may cause further problems.

That's just the issue.

>  I wonder how much the system
>status reveals about any mechanical damage that may have transpired during
>the 400N event(s).

It would most likely be a good idea to check this before any other actions 
are taken.

>Yes, I know that I am armchair speculating here.  But I fix electronics for
>a living...30 years worth...and my intuition tells me to be careful.

Well said. Ed.

This seem to matter little to the people here who thinks that any mention 
of the "Oops-experiences" encountered so far is sacriledge and that those 
who dare should go back to CB.

Well, if there are only a few more of these "Oops's" we might have to!

Do we have ANY downlinks left besides S-Band?

>   I do
>not envy the control team, or the designers.

Neither here, they are in an uncomfortable position when things go Wrong,
but also in a privileged position when they go Right!

>If all goes well...they're
>heros...if activating the wheels/panels causes further failure...well?

Then Amsat's next project is likely to scrink..

>A question they must be asking is whether there is a point at which doing
>nothing more makes more sense, if the satellite is currently in long-term
>stable status.

Yes, and this question must be answered before any more switches are pushed.

>I am not being unsupportive...just honest.

Same here, i thought, but the G.O.F's seem to think we are heretics....

73 de OZ1LRG

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