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Down East Microwave Inc.


Thanks to the friends that answer my email addres request

Hi All.

In my trip to Dayton May 2001, I was very proud that I purchase a brand new
Down converter to be able to heard the Big Bird AO-40, I build a 16 turn helix
antenna (perfect) connect the down converter direct to the antenna  and run a 
213 coaxil to my oldie IC-820, when I switch on and off with the preamp switch
from the rig the noise will build up and decrease .
I spend many hours searching for the bird, studied (and translated for my
AO-40 Web) the Alon/Alat and MA and all the specials terms to tell us the dum
were and wen were we suppose to heard the bird, but I did not.
I went to a friend shop and tested the equipment, 2400 - 144 RX serial 240 from
Down East Microwave Inc. and find out that when I applied 12 v dc there was no
188mhz local oscillator signal but bay mistake we fired up with 8 volts and
it light
up, then I build a voltage regulator and a switch to start it with 8 volts
and the turn 
over to 13 volts, what a JOKE with a new piece off equipment that for sure
it was 
not correctly tested a the manufacture facility.

I think that the problem is the crystal that is marginal for the frequency
and need to be changed. 

The worse part is that I live in Rosario, 300 Kmts from Buenos Aires
Argentina, to send
this back is a pain in the pocket and to make a phone call when we can use
this system

Next time get it cheek before step out the boot.

Best regards.

Alberto Helmfelt

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