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Primestar dish fabrication..

Greetings to all:
The first thing i should do, is appologize to Mr. Cole for addressing
him as Cole<err>.
As for the PrimeStar dish, it's made with a stainless steel grid inlaid
inside the fiberglas covering(my 1.2M dish has a .22 cal. bullet hole in
it that shows this very nicely!). 
The stainless "grid" appears to be about a "40 mesh", which should work
well up into 5 Ghz. 
I suppose the dish had to have an internal reflective layer due to the
absorptive properties of the fiberglas, but it will also add ridgidity
to the dish in a windy environment as well.

Sorry Mr. Cole for the mistake }}:-( !
Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE
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