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Re: re AO-40:tracking in USA xmsatellites as test sig

Hello all! This portion of your original message was very
interesting.  We really need to know about signals near AO-40
downlink that can be used for S band receiver checks.  Any
additional information you might have would be appreciated.
Cliff K7RR

realfun451 wrote:
> The xm1 and xm2 satellites are on the air, xm1 at 85 west provides some
> pretty strong
> data carriers, at 2333.5 and 2444.5 at -52 dbm, noise -87 at that wide
> bandwidth.
> Just turned over to xm1 in a 3khz bw (about a 1 meg bandwidth to the
> carrier)
> 2333.500 -67dbm in 3 k bandwidth 2332.7-2334.2 with spectral regrowth at
> 2334.571 -83 dbm. So this signal is 25 db stronger than ao40 ought to be
> good for
> some testing or something. Talk about a monster signal.
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