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Current ALON/ALAT ?

What's the best guess for attitude of AO-40 currently? Before the
magnetorquing I thought it was 260/-2, but that was several days ago...and
the telemetry is still showing the same.

Is there a way to "approximate" the change in ALON in degrees shift per
orbit, or is the change rate not linear?

I'm not trying to get too precise, but since I'm testing my HyperLink Dish
and UEK-3000 using the armstrong and by guess and by golly pointing, I need
all the help I can get with a low squint.

I did have success two days ago...doing nothing more than eyeballing the
azimuth and putting a hardware store inclinometer (six bucks) on the
aluminum bar that holds the dipole at the feedpoint, I was able to copy
telemetry quite strongly early in the orbit. You could have knocked me off
my chair with a feather!
(It doesn't help that the property here is not laid out N/S, but rather
NE/SW...very confusing...and of course, I can't find my compass!) I was
either dumb lucky, or my earlier method of tracking the sun to trees on the
property for reference points (thank you InstaTrak), actually worked.

I get the feeling that the beacon is on 2401.332 or so...because when I
copied it with 36 khz of doppler, it showed up on 2401.296 (within 1 khz of
where some nice guy on the amsat chat channel told me he was getting it).
Obviously, our downconverters like each other. Could someone correct the
beacon freq for me (I'm being too lazy to look it up, so if you don't know
it off the top of your head, don't bother, I can go find it later today)

Thanks for any suggestions while I'm in the no rotor, eyeball method of

hasan schiers, NØAN

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