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Re: Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2001 #437

Take a deep breath, guys and gals, please.

We have a bird that's gonna work just fine. We should count our
blessings...we could have had space debris or a wet bird.

Some unfortunate things have happened, not all of them understood at this
time. Seems like we should wait it out in good cheer. We have a LOT to be
happy about. The rest will get sorted out over time.


Remember, the quickness with which we criticize others, the extent to which
we go in criticizing others, and the manners we use when being critical,
show a lot more about what kind of people we are, than it will ever tell us
about the people we criticize. Food for thought.

The comments we make to and about other people reveal much more about us
than they ever will about them. It's kinda scary, don't ya think?

Let's show a little class...the alternative isn't very becoming.

hasan schiers, NØAN

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