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Re: IHU-2 Telemetry availability?

Peter Guelzow (DB2OS) wrote:
> > When the S2 beacon was turned off during the arcject burns, the
> > IHU-2 was collecting telemetry to be downloaded by the command
> > team.  Will this, or is this telemetry available in the archives?
> Yes, all the telemetry which is available to the command team
> is also available for everyone in the archive.
> Hmm.. does anybody know another satellite were this is the case?
> I suggest some on this board reconstruct exactly what happened
> and tells us the real thing within the next 24 hours...

Of course, Peter, your reply is "right on the mark".  ALL OF US
have access to 99.9% of the same information that YOU have access
to, namely the archived telemetry data.  Although it surely doesn't
FEEL like it, the critics are actually paying you a compliment by
their suggestion that you can look over those same bits and bytes
of telemetry data that they have access to, and that you (but not
they) can rapidly explain exactly what caused the apparent
consumption of the ArcJet fuel at a much more rapid rate than

Based on recent past experience, I trust that if an answer can be
found, your team will eventually find it.  And if/when you find the
answer, it will be announced promptly thereafter.

For the readers on this list, I would prescribe PATIENCE.  I would
NOT go so far as to prescribe DRUGS.  (By the way, the correct
spelling is Valium, and yes, I know that David was kidding.  It's
just that the thing that occupies so much of my time that I have
little left over for Ham Radio is my profession, namely helping
Physicians and other health professionals prescribe drugs in a
less inefficient and less ineffective manner!)

It is a shame that the full capabilities of the AO-40 ArcJet will
apparently never be known, and it is a shame that we apparently
have no further navigation capability left.  But it is enormously
comforting to know that AO-40 is in a usable, stable orbit.  We
look forward to the day when it can be put back into general use.

And of course, you have all heard this before:  If you have any
telemetry data at all that has not been sent to the archive,
please do so, even if they include CRC-BAD blocks.  Every block
counts, especially now that we have another mystery to try to

73 de KB0ZEV
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