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Re: Yaesu 847, computer doppler control and TNC?

Dale Coleman (KF4SIR) wrote:
> Anyway, I was curious about the possibility of using a laptop
> computer with one serial port to control the Doppler shift with
> WiSP?  And run my TNC3S at the same time?  Anybody know if this
> can be done?

I don't know of any way to "share" a single serial port between
the FT-847 and a TNC.  You may need to either get an additional
serial port in a PCMCIA card, or use a USB-to-Serial adapter if
your laptop has USB built in.

> What are the pin assignments for the serial cable?

You connect to the following.  Note that this requires a "null
modem" cable, i.e. Pin 2 of laptop goes to Pin 3 of FT-847, and
Pin 3 of laptop goes to Pin 2 of FT-847.

Pin 2 = Serial In
Pin 3 = Serial Out
Pin 5 = Signal Ground

The following pins are also wired on the connector, but may
be ignored if desired.

Pin 4 = DTR \ These two pins are shorted together inside the FT-847
Pin 6 = DSR / so if connected to laptop, it sees what it sends.

Pin 7 = RTS \ These two pins are shorted inside the FT-847, so if
Pin 8 = CTS / connected to laptop, it sees (CTS) what it sends (RTS).

Pins 1 & 9 are not connected.

John (KB0ZEV)
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