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Re: Murata Filters...now cleaners

Kenneth Shutt wrote:
> Michael,
> I have successfully modified a couple of AIDC 3733 downconverters.  Bob's
> straight pin suggestion worked reasonably well.  I used a Weller temperature
> controlled small wattage (25 watt) soldering iron.
> However, I don't have a favorite flux remover as suggested by Bob's latest
> instruction set.  I don't know how important it is to remove soldering flux.
> My units seem to work well but I don't have a nf meter to make any
> measurements.

My favorite flux remover is denatured alcohol , it doesn't react with
plastics and does not leave any residue and is not as nasty as the old
carbon 'tet that we used to use when I was a young pup ( glad I didn't
use much of that stuff , its real nasty ) .

You can get denatured alcohol at most hardware stores in pint and gallon
sizes and it lasts a long time , I use an acid brush with the bristles
clipped short for cleaning , or if I have a real nasty mess ( water
damaged radio etc. ) I use an old toothbrush for good cleaning large
areas .

Menda makes a real nice dispenser that doesn't allow the liquid to dry
up when not in use or get contaminated by the dirty brush ....


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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