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APRS SatGate in the Middle East?

We need a station in the Middle East to listen for the first packets from
the APRS satellite PCsat to be launched on 31 Aug.  Separation occurs over
Somolia.  The foot print extends all the way to Athens Greece.

On http://www.aprs.net we see some APRS activity in Northern Greece (out
of range) but none in Athens (2 minute 1 deg pass).  Does anyone
know of APRS contacts in Athens or in other countries south east of there?
or Crete or Turkey or Israel or best, Saudi Arabia?

Next pass is over Alaska and then Hawaii.  We won't see it over any
other existing APRS infrastructure until the 3rd pass over Europe and not
in the USA until the 6th or 7th pass.

Downlink will be standard 1200 baud AX.25 AFSK on 145.825. 

As long as we have an APRS SatGate on line anywhere in the footprint, then
the world can hear it.  All that takes is an internet connection, a 2m FM
receiver and a TNC and APRS software.

de WB4APR, Bob

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