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Re: focal lenght and helix

>>The helix is nearly self-supporting.  if you drill a
>>hole in the aluminum plate so the square tube can slide thru, you could

I thought I'd share the way I mounted my setup, for anyone interested.

I used 1/2-inch square tubing on my first mount to a 60 cm center-fed dish, per the G3RUH design.

On my second mount, for a PrimeStar dish, I used 1/4-inch all-thread, like this:

A chunk of half-inch square aluminum tubing is bolted to the dish arm.  
The 1/4-inch all-thread is bolted to the tubing.
The reflector is held to the all-thread by a nut - there are some washers between the tubing and the reflector, to help it clear the arm.
The reflector supports the N-connector, to which the helix is soldered.
I cut a plexiglas circle to match the inside diameter of the helix, threaded a hole through the center, screwed it down the all-thread, and glued the 
helix to the plexiglas with a bit of epoxy.

At present, the Drake is supported entirely by the N connector.

David, ky0dr

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