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RE: UO-11 beacon

Hello Domenico,

I was surprised by the level when I first listened for UO-11 here in Central
England on an afternoon pass on the 10 June as it was very strong with
I then recorded an afternoon pass on the 24th June and using my old
demodulator (Jan '83 RadCom design) decoded some telemetry that proved it
was UO-11. I passed the .wav fiile to Clive G3CWV and he got slightly better
good data with his G3RUH demod.  
I listened to an early morning orbit on 28 June and only heard a really low
level carrier, but for the main afternoon orbit it was again strong but
unfortunately I slightly overloaded the PC soundcard and couldn't decode
anything from the file. 
On 30 June I only heard a low level carrier pass in the afternoon but again
on 1 July an afternoon pass produced some decodeable telemetry. 
The modulation sounds quite low level to me. 
When the carrier is strong I see it at up to an unscientific "10+ over 9" on
my TR9000 fed from a 1.5m dish, 2.5t RHCP feed, G3WDG LNA, and SSB
Electronics converter (circa 1986). Coldish sky is about S1-2. When it's low
level I can only detect it using CW/SSB and get no S meter reading at all. 
I haven't got a record of the exact orbit numbers here at work but could
pass them on when I get home if you want. I hope that's of some use.

73's Chris G4SDG

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> Hello Chris,
> Actually the UO-11 beacon at 2401.505 MHz  should be only an unmodulated
> carrier.
> It would be very interesting to know from you in what orbit the beacon was
> operating with decodeable telemetry ON
> Tank you for this information
> 73 de i8CVS Domenico
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] UO-11 beacon
> > I'd be wary about using the UO-11 "S" band beacon as a source.
> Sometimes
> it
> > is very strong with decodeable telemetry even with my RHCP feed and
> other
> > times only just detectable.
> > It is apparently thought to have a problem. Please see
> > http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/u2rpt.htm for further information.
> I've
> > only just become active on "S" band and I'd say AO-40 is much easier to
> find
> > than UO-11.
> >
> > Chris G4SDG
> >
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