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Re: To All US Readers! Happy Independance Day!

At 00:47 05-07-2001, you wrote:

>(I'd say something about German rocket propulsion systems on satellites 
>tounge-in-cheek, too, but I think that too many AMSAT-BBers would think I 
>was serious!!! :O)  )

Well, i think that was a case of leaving something IN, rather than OUT 
(Vent Cap)!
This leaves us to wonder about the nationality of the guy/guys who left it IN.

Wouldn't it be fun if he/they was American? :-))))

Nah well, past buried, over and done with, they most likely did their best..
No point in barking up the three long after the cat is gone...

Just ordered an MKU232A2 from DB6NT, so i hope to actually HEAR da bird 
soon, rather than talk about it :-)

73 de OZ1LRG

It's HOT i Denmark today, 32.5 deg. C. inside....

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