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Re: UO-11 beacon

Hi Chris,

I've only heard it once and due to doppler shift, it was moving down in
frequency like an express train :-) As my 60cm dish is still very experimental
at the moment and not coupled up to the boom with my steerable 2m and 70cm 
antennas, tracking it was neigh on impossible too!

I agree with your comments... AO-40 is MUCH easier to hear than UO-11.

73's John EA8/G4STA

Chris Grohmann wrote:
> I'd be wary about using the UO-11 "S" band beacon as a source.  Sometimes it
> is very strong with decodeable telemetry even with my RHCP feed and other
> times only just detectable.

> It is apparently thought to have a problem. Please see
> http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/u2rpt.htm for further information. I've
> only just become active on "S" band and I'd say AO-40 is much easier to find
> than UO-11.
> Chris G4SDG

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