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Re: Not quite satellites

TD Carroll wrote:

Hi All, I'm hoping someone has a circuit & info to construct an Infra-Red controller extender.
Simply what I want to do is have my Satellite TV system in one room and be able to take my IR controller to another and work the unit. Probably need IR to cable to IR.
I'm sure someone has done this, seen this or knows of a web site.

Wayne replies:

An IR repeater is widely available in the U.S. for $50.  Audio specialty retailers sell it under the name "Powermid", and Radio Shack stores sell it under a different name.  It is a pair of small pyramids, each about 10 cm tall.  One pyramid is an IR receiver and 433 MHz transmitter.  The other pyramid is a 433 MHz receiver and IR transmitter.  The range of the RF is "up to 30m".  The range of the IR receiver is only about 4 meters (mine, anyway).  I use one to control my stereo system when I'm out on the patio listening to the patio speakers.  Here's a link to a description and picture:
http://www.devdepot.com/description.html?PCODE=HHCPWINF <http://www.devdepot.com/description.html?PCODE=HHCPWINF> 

Both pyramids have internal AC power supplies - no plug packs.  A quick web search for "PowerMid New Zealand" returned a web site with a 220V Australia-plug version for NZ$190 with GST (50% higher than the U.S. price, but you're probably used to that!)
http://www.pcplus.co.nz/x10/Products/PMXL.htm <http://www.pcplus.co.nz/x10/Products/PMXL.htm> 

You could build your own, but it would be a lot of trouble and probably wouldn't look as nice or have a wireless link from the IR receiver to the IR transmitter.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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