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Re: Latest alon/alat

Hi George and all..

my latest guess-timate for orbit 310 (post-perigee) is around 305/10 +-
5-8 deg for both values.. this is a very raw guess:

1. these values are based on the times of first trigger data from the
earth sensors. The times derived from the data in the archive seems to
be a little bit 'smeared', so I have an uncertainty of approx 40-60
seconds for this.

2. another data fix would be the time of loss of earth data.
Unfortunately this seem to occur after MA 54 for orbit 310 (last tlm
frame in archive), so there is no data for use.

3. the use of the values of the earth/sun sensors for attitude fix would
provide an instantaneous solution for alon/alat.. however, I forgot my
source code at my home qth (will get it next weekend..).

alat of 305 corresponds to best tlm reception around MA 40.. this also
correlated to the time of maximum frame count in the archive.

Achim DH2VA

George Hoffman wrote:
> Would appreciate latest alon/alat for AO-40.
> George W2CID
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