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Re: UO-11 Beacon

At 15:55 04/07/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, using the UO-11 beacon for a signal source doesn't work for me 
>either. It just went
>nearly overhead and I couldn't hear anything
>near 2401.500. Guess the system isn't near good enough for AO-40
>yet. Got a .7dB NF primp ordered from Down East Microwave. Maybe
>this will help enough. Maybe a helical feed on the BBQ dish might
>give some improvement too. At this point, I don't know how far
>the LO is off in the Drake downconverter. The IF is at 145 MHZ for
>2401 MHZ input and the NF is supposed to be tested at 3 dB. Don't
>have a way to calibrate either one. Wonder if there is a local HAM
>who could xmt on 2400?
>Ken K5MBV Garland, TX

Note that the UO11 2.4Ghz beacon is LEFT hand circular, this introduces up 
to 20dB loss if you are using a Right hand circular aerial at the receive 
end !.

For a local signal source see my " Kiss approach 2400 test oscillator " 
article at http://www.g4dmf.co.uk/2400/2400.html

Remember also that on UO11, the doppler will be cruel!

Hope this is useful


      G4DMF  QTHR   IO93ha
      Amsat-UK Member 5372

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