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Re: Not quite satellites

TDCarrell wrote:
> Hi All, I'm hoping someone has a circuit & info to construct
> an Infra-Red controller extender.
> Simply what I want to do is have my Satellite TV system in one
> room and be able to take my IR controller to another and work
> the unit. Probably need IR to cable to IR.
> I'm sure someone has done this, seen this or knows of a web site.
> Much easier than my fossicking around trying to get something going.
> I can buy something for $300 but that's not the right spirit.
> (For the non-VK/ZLs, Fossicking = Rummaging = Searching - but is a
> much more colourful expression.)

Hey Terry , kinda like the term that came up at work , "cotwitz" : to
throw something together in such a way so as to never be able to figure
out how it works/or fix it later " , aka "cludge" .....

As far as the infrared thingee , a friend of mine built one of these a
few years back and he just used a detector and a opamp buffer and that
was then connected to a IR source with a lens that he cooked up .
The source was remotely located from the receiver/buffer via wires .....
He got all the electronics from the local Radio Shack , though not sure
what your equivelant would be in VK-land.

Now I know I didn't go into specifics , but thats because I didn't build
it , so sorry if this wasn't much help .

But I like the Fossicking , will have to start using that here :)

take care

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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