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Re: To All US Readers! Happy Independance Day!

Sometime ago we had this Royal Navy Commander attached to our squadron.  
"Beaver" was just a great fellow and we (and my late wife and his wife) all 
shared a love for history great and small.

Anyway there are two good stories about American independence and Beaver.

It dawned on us after a bit that he had been in the US during the 
BiCentential and Marla once asked him "what did you do during the 
Bicentineal Minute that CBS use to air every night" and his reply was "boo".

The second one is one day we are discussing names of ships and he reminded 
us how the RN names its ships and then remarked how odd it was how we named 
ours "Even after battles you didnt win...see over there is Bunker Hill...we 
still have flags from that battle in the IMperial War Museum" to which I 
replied "Yes Sir and we still have the hill".

Up The British...

Go Yankee Dooddle.

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