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Re: AIDC 3733 3' BBQ Dish

There seems to be confusion about these
oblong dishes. Here is my take.

If the size is 2 x 3 ft, think of it
this way. It is just like a 3 ft circular
dish that had two parallel cuts which reduced it to
2 ft. To find the f/D lay a straight edge
across the long (3ft) dimension and measure
the depth. Call it d.

The formula is:

f/D = D/(16*d)

or f = (D*D)/(16*d)

Use inches for both. For my 'Myers' dish
with a 4 inch depth:

f/D = 36/(16*4) = .56 and f = 20.25 inches.

By the way there are at least two dishes that
were sold by Myers. Mine is made of plated
steel rods. Others are cast metal I think. They may
or may not have the same f/D.

ron w8gus.

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