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AO-40 Pass #308 Report

Here's my observations from pass #308:
Keps from Peter Guelzow and Ken Ernandes were compared; NOVA cited below is
using keps from Peter since Ken's keps were ~4 minutes late for my actual
AOS.  {but thanks Ken for sending them}

NOVA predicted AOS: 093742 utc 7/01, az=237.2, MA: 10.8, SQ: 23.7

Actual AOS: 0950 utc:
NOVA az=232.2, el=5.9; ACTUAL az=230, el=13; Range 16, 691 km

First telemetry [good CRC]:
095432 utc Block10, NOVA az=231.1, el=7.3; ACT az=230, el=15
MA: 14.6; SQ: 30.9; IF=123.292.x

Last telemetry [good CRC]:
101428 utc Block 95, NOVA az=227.6, el=12.1; ACT az=224, el=18
MA: 19; SQ: 38.9, IF=123.294.0

Continued to capture telemetry [bad CRC] until 1150 utc:
NOVA az=231.1, el=16.8; ACT az=227, el=18; MA: 40.5; SQ: 60.1
IF=123.302.2, Range 39,963 km

1.  Signal strength ranged up to S-7 on my FT-847.
2.  Noise floor is S=4.5 for el=0, and S=3.5 for el>45 [for az=230].
3.  There appears to be a satellite sidelobe null from SQ 49-50 where I was
unable to maintain tlm sync.  
3.  My antenna view is blocked by a single line of trees for this azimuth
[they run along the power line bordering the street; sky view is not clear
below el=45].
4.  IF=123.312 --> F=2401.317 MHz [LO is -5 KHz].  {determined from third
harmonic of 800.439 MHz, 2ppm}
5.  ACTUAL readings are approx. El = +/- 3 degrees; Az = +/- 5 degrees from
the readout of the Yaesu G-5400 rotor.
6.  Time from NIST.

FT-847 S-Meter calibration @ 123 MHz:
[USB with internal preamp-on, DSP-off]

dBm     meter  ao40rcv  waterfall comments
none     S=0     line-3     display noise floor
-153      S=0     line-3     broken line, not audible
-143      S=0     line-4     trace line, audible
-133      S=0     line-5     wider line, clear
-123      S=0     line-6     side-bands, loud
-114.5   S=1     line-6.5   noise floor lowered
-113      S=2     line-6.5   saturated
-111      S=3     line-6.5   saturated
-108      S=4     line-6.5   saturated
-103      S=5     line-6.5   saturated
-101      S=6     line-6.5   saturated
-98        S=7     line-6.5   saturated

Great S-meter, eh?  Anywhere from 1.5 dB to 5 dB per s-unit.  Test
equipment: IFR-500 and Bird 20 + 3 dBm attenuators, RG-142 double-shielded
test coax.             

I went to bed at 1200 utc [local 0400] so did not observe LOS.


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