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AO-40: updates Keps

Dear All,

All new ranging data continues to be consistent with current estimated keps.

James Miller G3RUH just released some updated data.

Currently things look like this; the fix is based on estimating MA, MM and EC
only, though it is beginning to matter less if WP, RA and IN are allowed to

  AO-40 Amsat Ranging JRM
  1 26609U 00072B   01176.01392904  .00000000  00000-0  10000-4 0  0047
  2 26609   5.3129 179.7299 8002764 290.2832   6.9064  1.25609948  3004
  Satellite:              AO-40 Amsat Ranging JRM
  Catalog number:         26609
  Epoch time:             01176.01392904
  Inclination:            5.3129  deg
  RA of node:           179.7299  deg
  Eccentricity:        0.8002764   - 
  Arg of perigee:       290.2833  deg
  Mean anomaly:           6.9065  deg
  Mean motion:        1.25609948  rev/day
  Decay rate:                0.0  rev/day^2
  Epoch rev:                 300
  Semi major axis:       36289.9     km
  Apogee  height         58953.7  km
  Perigee height           869.8  km
  RAAN dot               -0.1747  deg/d
  Arg Peri dot            0.3472  deg/d

Command stations continue for a few more days with ranging.

73s Peter DB2OS for the AO-40 team

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