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FODTrack Question

I am playing around with FODTrack - just getting familiar with it more than
anything as I haven't yet built the interface.  I appear to be having a
problem with it though.  I have entered in *my* pertinent information in the
fodtrack.cfg file and, I thought, followed all the instructions; however,
when I compare the position of the satellite and its AOS/LOS times, they
differ greatly when compared to NOVA or The Station.

I don't need any e-mails telling me that FODTrack can be used with NOVA or
The Station without running the FODTrack software - that's not what this is
about.  I would like to get it to show correctly on the screen.

I thought I might have set my LAT/LON incorrectly, but I don't think so.  I
can put those decimal values in Street Atlas and it comes up on my house.
My time is set correctly (-5 taking CDT into effect).  The only parameter I
cannot enter into fodtrack.cfg is my altitude.  However, I'm only about 68m
above sea level.

I have tried putting my LAT/LON in with Southern and Eastern values, I've
tried changing my times, but I just cannot get this to track correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tnx es 73,

Joel B. Black

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