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TransSystem & Murata filter

Hello all

I've been gradually modifying a TransSystem AIDC-3733 today.

0) Tested as-is: great signal (source 144MHz CW to DB6NT 2.400GHz
transverter with 60dB+++ of attenuation in the shack) down on AIDC-3733

1) Conveted dipole to generic N type adapter, N to SMA, SMA to my stock 5/8
wave still works great. No soldering for N adapter. Straight replacenment by
removing four screws.

2) Fitted 2m Xtal, still everything fine, and IF now at 143.989MHz.

3) Snipped stub, still everything fine, at 143.989MHz. .... Mmmm thinking
'happy bunny today'.

4) Inserted Murata filter - lots of S7 noise still, but VERY DEAF (-30dB or
worse compared to before)!!!

Murata PCB, so just made a hap-hazard pick at the flux, so any hints on what
to use for a flux cleaner? should my lack of flux cleaner cause this level
of problem?

Problem is... in oreder to do that last part you break the existing filter,
so it's no turning back... unless you know otherwise.

Thanks, & 73 Howard G6LVB.

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