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AO-40 Final Orbit

Thanks Peter,

Having your report with updated keps will make it possible to track right
away, and realizing that there will be some fine-tuning of the keps once
NORAD tracking has been done.

Pass #307 does not offer me any observation:
AOS: 0525utc 6/30 MA: 145 SQ: 100.5 Rng: 64,300km

But I will be ready for Pass #308:
AOS: 0937utc 7/01 MA: 10.8 SQ: 23.7 Rng: 16,700km Az=237
LOS: 1608 utc 7/01 MA: 97.8 SQ: 82.4 Rng: 62,500km Az=270

Squint reaches 49 {my highest known successful recovery of tlm} at 1049 utc
Az=226.5, el=15.8, Rng=30,500 km.
So that should provide an hour of good observation, especially toward the
end where I might clear the trees that block to my southwest.  But I had a
good reception in this direction last Wednesday even thru the trees.

Here's hoping that the momentum wheels function well, then there will be
good operating ahead!  Guess I will get with finishing my antenna and
station wiring.  Can hardly wait to make my first contact from home ;-)

Mode U: FT-847 [up to 50w], M2-436CP42 [16.5 dBic].
Mode L: FT-847, DEM 144/1268 [18w], LY-2345 Loop-yagi [20 dBi].
Mode S: FT-847, Drake #1 2401/435 or Drake #2 2401/123, MKU-232A preamp, 33
inch offset helix-feed dish [25 dBic].  MDS= -148 dBm per ao40S_2
spreadsheet => I should see the transponder noise floor for squint <10.

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