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Nova and ALON ALAT

Nova does not force the user to massage the ALON/ALAT data provided for AO-40.

Here is the procedure:

1. Choose the menu Setup|Satellites and then click AO-40 in the right hand 
2. Enter the ALON and ALAT numbers as provided by AMSAT into the boxes at the
     lower left. Be sure to enter sign of ALAT. Also notice that though we 
     give ALON before ALAT, in Nova ALAT is on the left followed by ALON.
3. Now here is the important part. Click the Sched button just below
     the ALON box.
4. Choose 'AO-40 High Gain' as the Squint type. This only has to be done once.
5. Click OK and OK again to conclude the operation.

ron w8gus

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