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I know the procedure to do it for WinTrak (that I use) is the same as some other packages, so I'm guessing that Nova is the same.

Pretend the ALAT/ALON numbers are at a point on earth - you need to convert the coordinates to look like a point on the complete 
opposite side of the earth.

So for ALAT (latitude), reverse the sign.  If you were told 23, use -23.  If you were told -5, use 5.

For ALON, either add or subtract 180, so that you get some value between 0 and 359.999.  If you were told 173, use 173+180 = 353.  
If you were told 257, use 257-180 = 77.

The other option is to enter the numbers exactly as provided, which means the "perfect" squint angle is 180 degrees.  179 really means 
squint = 1, 178 means squint = 2, and so on.

David, ky0dr

6/29/01 10:38:51 AM, "Jack O'Mara" <jomara@erols.com> wrote:

>I don't think my message made it to the bb so I'll try again.
>Could someone explain how to mod the ALAT and ALON numbers
>to work correctly in NOVA. 
>Jack W4AD

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