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Re: AOS on AO40

>From: Dave Guimont <dguimon1@san.rr.com>
>I checked AOS on AO40 and the time I observed was within minutes of
>what IT predicted....Certainly not in agreement with other reports on
>the reflector...I'll check LOS in the morning.
>I recorded 272 blocks, again using IT to steer the dish using the same
>element set and the auto tuning feature of the PSK decoder...
>I was watching a movie during that session so the satellite is not far off
>from what the latest keps indicate???

OK, Dave, but you seem the only one that is not seeing some discrepancy
with current keps...but no "biggy" ;-)  

Last night and tonight (passes 306 & 307) have extreme squint [>90] so not
likely for reception up here.  Next opportunity is 0851 utc 7/1 for a low
squint pass up here {using #100 with MA=344 per i8cvs}.  Because of
tree-line interference, gauging accurate AOS/LOS times is probably not
practical for me, but I can at least compare observed az/el to
NOVA/keps#100.  I received keps 01179.orb from Ray Hoad today but AO-40
keps are same as #100.  So I guess we'll wait for an update as Paul states.

I am using a040rcv1.4 to decode and have not implemented auto-track/tune
features with my FT-847.  I may download IT-1.5 this weekend to look into
this.  I will likely obtain an Unitrack I/F, eventually {traveling 8,000
miles in July to attend two conferences: SARA-Greenbank, WV and
CSVHF-Dallas, TX, slightly dents my budget for a month}.


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