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Re: Question

i decided to post this to the group just incase someone else was intrested in 
how i programmed the icom w32a or the antennas i use.

i have a w32a that i use for satellites when travelling. first, the antenna on it 
will not work for receiving the satellite. you need more metal. i would suggest 
2 routes. the cheap and the expensive. the cheap is the pryme al-800 (about 
$29) antenna. a 36" telescopic antenna. i have used it a lot and kd5fba just 
completed his 1,000 satellite qso with it. you don't hear the entire pass 
downlink but you hear enough of it.

the more expensive route is the arrow antenna. you can get it with the built in 
duplexer that connects right up to the w32a for about $139. without the 
duplexer it is $79 and then you add an mfj duplexer for $29 plus two radio 
shack bnc to bnc 6' cables for $6 each. the mfj duplexer allows 50 watts and 
the built in arrow duplexer only allows 10 watts. so if you want to use it with a 
mobile rig, you need the bigger duplexer.

now for programming.... i use a set of freqs memories for 2m and a set of 
memories for 70cm. i only use half duplex. with a speaker mic, that will 
eliminate feedback, although i don't hear myself come back on the downlink 
but i know that if i can hear the satellite that i can get into it in a quiet lull 
between qso's.

here are the freqs i have programmed in for ao27 and uo14. store the 2m 
and 70cm freqs in the same starting memory location, it will be easier to find, 
i use 80 as a start for ao27 and 90 as a start for uo14. the more steps you 
can have as close to 1khz, the more you can hear, that is why i changed the 
step increment to 12.5 to squeeze in an extra step on both of the 70cm freqs.

vhf ao27

uhf ao27
436.787  <--- to get this one, after programming in all the 5khz steps, change 
the step to 12.5 khz and add it

vhf uo14

uhr uo14
435.0625  <--- do the same thing here... change to 12.5khz steps


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