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Keps for AO40

Hi  Shlomo,4X1AS

This is the element set 100 modified by myself  and it match with the AOS on
orbit 305 received by me and iK3VZS during this night.

The AOS for me in JN70ES was at 00:30 UTC on day 06/29/2001 ,orbit 305
AZ=258° and EL= 0°  with  free horizon on the see.

Probably the AOS of next orbit  306 will be a little bit later than at 18:47
UTC on your  QTH as predicted by IT for this evening day 06/29/2001 using
this keps.

In any case please load this keps manually ,try it and let me know any
difference from your locator.

Tank you very much for cooperation.

73 de i8CVS Domenico

Satellite: AO-40
Catalog number: 26609
Epoch time:      01176.01392904
Element set:     100
Inclination:        5.3129 deg
RA of node:       179.7299 deg
Eccentricity:    0.8149681
Arg of perigee:   290.2833 deg
Mean anomaly:   344.000 deg
Mean motion:    1.27126538 rev/day
Decay rate:       -8.0e-07 rev/day^2
Epoch rev:             299
Checksum:         --------------

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