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Re: (Answer)Yaesu 847, computer doppler control and TNC?

At 07:38 AM 6/28/01, you wrote:
>Hi all, after putting off buying a rig for satellite operations for a long 
>time I have finally decided the Yaesu 847 is my next purchase.
>Anyway, I was curious about the possibility of using a laptop computer 
>with one serial port to control the Doppler shift with WiSP?
>And run my TNC3S at the same time?  Anybody know if this can be done?


Thanks to all that responded to my post. It looks like the best solution 
for my setup were provided by:

 >Try unitrac it uses the printer (parallel port)
 >Cheers and 73
 >Dave ZL2MQ


 >Dave Lamont
 >The original design criteria for Uni_Trac was based on your
 >requiremjents. A laptop with only 1 serial port which is required
 >for TNC use,a FT-847, and WISP.

 >Uni_Trac also configures diectly with Wisp. Simply turn on
 >the DDE facility in Wisp's Station dialog.

I hope this helps anybody else on the list that might be trying to set up a 
laptop with only one serial and one parallel port.

CUL, Dale kf4sir

Dale Coleman
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