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RE: AO40 reception

>Have any of you guys out there in Satland heard AO40 over the last
>couple of days? Strong signals were rxed on June 22, but nothing
>heard since! 

I captured quite a bit of telem last night starting at 00:00 UTC, ... which
was at least an hour late from where predicted by set 100.

I also found that the elevation required to get best RX by ear was much
higher than I've ever used before, .... I checked the antennas this morning
and they still seem to be mounted true, so its not a ground problem.

>From the telem you can see that the cold burn is now off, ... so hopefully
NORAD can get a decent track. They cannot get a good set of keps while out
gassing is in operation, ... i.e. you can't fix a moving target as it were!

On the down side, OIG only seem to post new keps monday to friday, ... so it
may be monday before we get a good set.

I know that the command team will be ranging over the weekend, so maybe an
interim estimate might become available, ... but I wouldn't hold your
breath, they have a hell of lot of data from the burns to analyse first.

Paul, VP9MU
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