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Re: AO40 reception

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the info. That explains it! No wonder I can't hear anything if it's
been rising an hour later. I'm using element set 99 by the way. I thought for a 
while my gear had gone 'pear shaped' and at 00:30hrs (local) threw the big switch 
in despair and went to bed :-)

The arcjet firing is obviously having the desired effect!

Hope to work you sometime when the transponder is activated again.

73's John (EA8/G4STA) La Palma - Canary islands. 

Lee wrote:
> Good Morning John,
> Yes I've been hearing AO40 but the AOS times have been nearly an hour late
> to element sets 98 and 100.  The angles are off by as much as 20 degrees
> also.  I usually have the #amsat channel up on IRC (chatnet.org) during a
> pass so I can compare notes with other stations that are also searching for
> the satellite.  Once one station gets on track an az/el/freq report will
> usually get the others close enough to tune and peak the signal manually.
> Lee-KU4OS
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> Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 5:51 AM
> Subject: [amsat-bb] AO40 reception
> > Hi,
> > Have any of you guys out there in Satland heard AO40 over the last
> > couple of days? Strong signals were rxed on June 22, but nothing
> > heard since!
> >
> > 73 John Mills (EA8/G4STA)
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