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Re: Yaesu 847, computer doppler control and TNC?

At 07:37 PM 6/28/01 -0500, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>How fast do you need it to respond just to do Doppler tuning?  Your eyes 
>are likely to be on the radio's frequency display if your hand is on the 
>VFO knob.  I don't see any benefit to having real-time frequency display 
>on the computer when the VFO knob is turning.  InstantTune takes about 2 
>seconds to respond after I move the VFO dial.  That seems fast enough to 
>me.  With a 10 Hz Doppler tuning increment, the frequency change interval 
>is much more than 2 seconds.

Hi Guys,
InstantTune actually waits for you to STOP tuning for 1-2 seconds
before it takes over. That is intentional to make sure it doesn't
fight with you for the tuning "knob." Once it is "locked in,"
the Doppler is corrected every second which (as Wayne observed)
is plenty fast enough.
Tony AA2TX

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