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Yaesu 847, computer doppler control and TNC?

Dale Coleman wrote:

Anyway, I was curious about the possibility of using a laptop computer with 
one serial port to control the Doppler shift with WiSP?

And run my TNC3S at the same time?  Anybody know if this can be done? What 
are the pin assignments for the serial cable?

Wayne replies:

There's no problem running multiple serial ports as long as you have enough interrupts to go around.
At home I use two serial ports on my desktop computer.  One port controls the FT-847 and one port goes to a TNC for DX PacketCluster.  I see no reason why you couldn't do that with a laptop as long as your laptop has two serial ports (my hand-me-down laptop only has one serial port).  

The pin assignments for the FT-847 serial connector require you to use a null modem cable.  That is, the cable needs to swap pins 2 and 3.

Jerry Pixton wrote:

The FT847 seems rather slow in response if you are trying to poll the rig 
for frequency readout. I gave up on that and tune with the mouse only. 

Wayne replies:

How fast do you need it to respond just to do Doppler tuning?  Your eyes are likely to be on the radio's frequency display if your hand is on the VFO knob.  I don't see any benefit to having real-time frequency display on the computer when the VFO knob is turning.  InstantTune takes about 2 seconds to respond after I move the VFO dial.  That seems fast enough to me.  With a 10 Hz Doppler tuning increment, the frequency change interval is much more than 2 seconds.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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