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Cheap Yagi 2-meter antenna

	>I built a cheap yagi antenna for 435 mhz and use it on UO-14.
Great antenna and easy to build.  The antenna >was built from the data in
the article "Some Really Cheap Antennas" by Kent Britain WA5VJB in the
August 1998 CQ VHF magazine.  The followup article in the next month or
later was supposed to cover 2 meter and 222 mhz but I never got that issue
for some reason.  Does anyone have that issue or a copy of the article for
the 2 meter and 222 mhz antennas?  I will reimburse for the cost of copying
the article or buy the magazine issue from you.

	(Gotta walk before I run ......  The RS sats are in the near future
and AO-40 even further away)
	>Steve Brockwell
	>KC5TTY  EM04 in Lawton Oklahoma

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