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RE: Success!

>From: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>
>> ... {later I found a file called T010627@AL7EB.raw...how do
>> I look at it?}.
>There may be other ways of achieving this, but here's how I did it...
>Get a copy of P3T.

P3T may work but I found that ao40rcv has a simpler method:

1.  You click the pull-down menu "Input Source".  I then opens a window {in
my case stating an Error in opening a wave file}.
2.  You close this window by clicking "OK" and a new window opens titled
"Select Input Source".  There are three choices given: a) Use sound card,
b) Use wave file, and c) Use .raw/.tlm data file.
3.  I selected the .raw/.tlm data choice, then clicked the box "Select
,raw/.tlm File", browsed until I found my saved data file and opened it.
4.  I closed the Select Input Window by clicking "OK".

The various data screens are now visible.   The help menus also gave a
simple method for cutting and pasting the reports to MS Word where I was
able to print it or save it as a text document.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Some day I will need to learn how to use P3T
and transfer to other servers.


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