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ISS QSO's during Field Day

Vince Fiscus wrote:

I had the sat station set up at field day, and then I announced to the club
participants: "Who wants to work the space station?"  I had about six club
members stand in line, and when one was done with their contact, they handed
the microphone over to the next one in line to make a qso. They were all
thrilled that they got to make a quick QSO with Susan.

Wayne replies:

I hope I'm not being too nit-picky here.  You violated two ARRL Field Day
rules if you and your club members used personal callsigns and a "Field Day
station" to contact another field day station (NA1SS was a field day station
operating "1A battery").

       Rules, 2001 ARRL Field Day

       6.1. A person who participates by making a QSO from a Field Day
       using one call sign may not subsequently work that station from which
       participated for QSO credit using a different call sign. 

       6.2. A station used to contact one or more Field Day stations may not

       subsequently be used under any other call sign to participate in
Field Day.
       Family stations are exempt provided the subsequent call sign used is
       to and used by a different family member.

These rules are intended to prevent groups from artificially inflating their
scores by making contacts with all the individual members' personal
callsigns.  For "special" stations such as the ISS, these rules allow as
many groups as possible to have the opportunity to make a contact.  It's
really not polite for one station to "hog" such a large portion of the ISS

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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