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RE: Success!


> ... {later I found a file called T010627@AL7EB.raw...how do
> I look at it?}.

There may be other ways of achieving this, but here's how I did it...

Get a copy of P3T.

P3T is a program with character... when you first run it you need to set it
up COM port, baud rate, frame length, TCP/IP boot, UTC offset and directory.
For the purposes of replaying files, use dummy values for these _except_ the
directory which will be a directory under which there'll be another
directory called 'telemetry'.

For example, if your P3T executable is in directory C:\P3T set the directory
to C:\P3T and underneath this create the directory C:\P3T\TELEMETRY

Copy your file into the telemetry directory.

Close down P3T and restart it for the settings to take effect.

Select Menu->Replay and hopefully you'll see your file.

Click onto the text of the file to select it and hopefully your wonderful
telemetry will appear.

Then you need to play around with the various buttons to see the data
displayed in varying degrees of Technicolor.

If you need to change any settings, select Menu->Setup and change them. In
general a program restart will be required to make the settings take effect.

73 Howard G6LVB

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