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Re: AO-40 reception?

Just quick update:

Testing of Drake #1 using the 3rd harmonic of 800 MHz produced by a diode,
found the signal at 433.829 where it previously was 433.832.  The test
signal {-20 dBm drive} produced an S-4 signal indication in the FT-817
{with about a foot separation from coffee can to the Drake with
straightened paper clip monopole}.  Noise floor {with no test signal} is
still down 3 s-units though {there is a pronounced rise in audio, still},
indicating some loss in gain {RF or IF?}.  But at least the LO is fine.

I will attempt to hear AO-40 this morning 0930utc and if successful with
Drake #2, then I will give Drake #1 a try.  The 35 dB of preamp gain may
make the actual gain of the Drake(s) unimportant.

More fun in the sun {actually sunset is 0728utc and sunrise 1247utc...only
18+ hours or so}!


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