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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - re: Doing the $ Sums on AO-40

Thanks, Jim (and "Joel"),

>... a good example of the egocentrism of the insane.

I thought that people would be interested in how much the real cost of
Ariane 5 launch space is (and the consequent 'opportunity cost' to
Arianespace of AO-40 rather than a paying satellite.) This was a hot topic
on the AMSAT-BB list only months ago. 

It also points up the 'cost' of lofting the now 'expended' bi-propellant,
and the soon to be expended ammonia propellant.

Making it a bit of fun was... fun. 

We have a saying here that may also be where you are, that things cost "X
many 'beer tickets' ". By comparison, the "Big Mac" is a much better
currency, because beer costs are much more varied - - because there is
'beer' and there is 'Beer' and there is "BEER". 

I am currently considering doing further university studies in 'management',
either a Masters by research or a PhD. I must first determine my own
'opportunity costs', and whether it is for 'egocentric' reasons and also
'insane' to want to put myself and my family through it. 

Perhaps it was this recent consideration of scholarship that made me take a
few more minutes to put together the references while I was at it, so that I
could point to the sources if I was "shot down". 

And, no, for Amateur Radio scholarship I'm not in James Miller G3RUH's
league, am I! 

Best wishes,
Peter VK1KEP

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		Yes, Joel, he's gone off the deep end. "The lights are on
but no one is at

		He may have his numbers correct, but the fact he expects us
to be
		is a good example of the egocentrism of the insane.

		Thanks for the FWD.


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