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Re: Transponder ideas for future satellites

> I have been building a transponder for mode L/S and an idea came to 
> mind. I want to know if anyone has tried something like this before. 
> I wonder how good it would work.
> To receive such a transmission, one would FM demodulate the signal at 
> 2401 MHz using a simple FM demodulation chip. The chip could derive 
> an AFC voltage to adjust for doppler and LO drift. The output of the 
> demodulator would be 50KHz to 150 KHz and this signal would be fed to 
> an HF receiver that tunes to the VLF frequencies. The signal at this 
> point would be SSB and would be at the exact frequency that it was 
> received at the satellite. There would not be any drift associated 
> with the downlink.

Another 'con' is that it assumes the existence of HF equipment.  One of
the reasons some folks operate on satellites is that it's an alterantive 
to HF operation.  *chuckle*   At least VLF might have some interest to 
such folks...
                           -- KD6PAG (who is still behind on QSL cards)
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