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Re: AO-40 reception?

 >From: Dave Guimont <dguimon1@san.rr.com>
>>So a couple questions:  Did anyone copy the beacon from 0600-0730utc.  Was
>>it turned on?  Anyone successful copying when squints are this high?  Range
>>was ~65,000 km.
>Hi Ed,
> From your narration there is no doubt in my mind that u r "operational"..
>With the current off-pointing tho the results are sometimes weird...At
>odd-ball MA's I can copy the beacon at times but it is not necessarily 
>At good off-pointing, no problems, but the other nite with very gud copy 
>the beacon
>suddenly shut off...I did not know if I had a catastrophic failure, or what 
>happened, but I just read a note from an operator in Germany that said he
>experienced a sudden shut-off also, so it was probably at the same time.
>I tested with my DEM signal source, and the converter is still
>I go on with this narrative only to tell you not to make any major changes 
>you have made many attempts....

Dave and all who replied:

Thanks.  I was observing MA=150-170...and the beacon was off.  Mystery
solved.  Tonight 0930 utc is my next AOS when MA=10 and squint ~24 deg.  I
guess I'll set the alarm clock to get up at 0130 local time to see if Drake
#2 works.  Hope they don't shut it down on me again ;-)  I should see the
beacon >20 dB according to ao40s_2.  I may still need to mess with the
helix to optimize, but still should see it pretty good [I hope].


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