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Re: Those darned Primestar dishes

Hi Bob. It's off into the great unknown for us both!

I measured mine tonight. It is 43" by 40" and it is made by Channel Master.
They call it a 1.0 M dish. I went to the W1GHZ web site and found a listing
in his appendix to chapter 5 which seems to match. It says the diameter is
997mm and the long dimension is 1.083 m. Focal length is 604mm with an
equivalent f/D of .68 ...

I don't really know what all that means but, with additional help, I suspect
I can come up with a set of lenths for the tripod mount for the feed
(proably a 2.5 turn helix) as well as the rest of the info necessary to get
it operational.

As for mounting it: I intend to use a Ham III rotor for azimuth control with
some kind of mount on a section of Rohn 25G tower. Maybe a thrust bearing
and mount will work. For elevation I have a spare jack screw from my TVRO
system that I plan to use. I will have to come up with an elevation
indication for it.

Keep me posted on your progress. It will help us all.

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> John
> I am in the same situation you are.  I would appreciate any information
> you get please foward it to me.  All I have is the dish, nothing else.  I
> am trying to figure out a az/el system.  Also where do I put the feed.
> 73...Bob...W7LRD
> Seattle, Wa.

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