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Re: RE:Livetelemetry 25.6


I also happened to be listening and trying to decode tm with Ao40rcv. Using 
Phillips Tech dish, (linear but with 44 inch pigtail) with UEK3000. Heard 
the definite drop out at 23:23.

Can someone please educate me on Helix antennas

  Early on, this list talked about finding aluminum towel rods in the 
hardware stores and using them for helix supports. What is the effect on 
metal in the core of the helix?  In my case, the Phillip Tech dish uses a 1 
inch square tube as the strut for the linear feed. So I was considering 
getting a longer piece of tubing so I can put the UEK3000 behind the helix 
with can reflector.

But the tubing is so big - 1 inch that it will almost touch the helix if it 
has diameter of 1.6 inches. Is this a bad idea? Should I be looking for a 
poly rod?  There seem to be enough mechanical issues to deal with that I 
don't want to start down the wrong path using aluminum 1 inch tubing.

My plan, right now, is to leave the linear feed in place until after this 
current orbit adjust and try to get some actual contacts as a baseline. But 
be ready to put in a helix if things are not good.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 10:28 PM 6/25/01 -0700, Greg D. wrote:
>>i was loosing signal from AO40 at 23:22:45 UTC at
>>MA59-so i can´t continue steaming....
>No need to get mad about it :-)
>I loose AO-40 by MA 20; not a surprise, as I'm still on my Conifer
>preamp, Drake, and a 30" x 36" screen-lined dish.  Guess I really
>need that DEM preamp...
>What results are others getting, and on what equipment?
>Just curious,
>Greg  KO6TH
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Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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