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Re: AO27 and UO 14 congestion

>From: GPersons <kd5day@qsl.net>
>OK Bruce and the Group.
>What my beef is that last year, I too used 50 watts to get into AO 27 and 
>everybody went ballistic. This year I used 5 watts and got blown out of the 
>water by Bruce. That is my beef. I understand that he was probably not the 
>only high power station out there but we really did hear him more than any 
>one else.
>I feel that we need to do something during Field Day to help the low power 
>stations. I was truly hoping that the one QSO per FM LEO rule would make a 
>difference. Apparently it didn't.
>Sorry if I have offended any one.  I just feel like I got cheated.


I can sympathize with you guys stuck in the lower-48 trying to work a Leo
on FD...But really you didn't expect everyone to go QRP?  The grand
tradition of FD is go "Big"!  {you know four TH11DX's stacked on a 140-foot
crank-up tractor-trailer mounted tower fed with parallel 4CX10,000A's
powered by a 50kw diesel-generator running ~Megawatt ERP...he! he!}

Well this year I went QRP for everything and basically got buried.  Even on
20m psk where the average guy runs 25w I was largely trounced.  I did make
4 contacts for roughly 8-12 hours operation!!!  Fortunately 5w is quite
adequate for the FM-Leos if you keep out the US hams {yeh, Alaska is part
of the US, I guess...though were are still treated like a colony...but
that's another topic}.  I've already related what a great time we Alaskans
and Canadians had for the 1950-2030utc Saturday passes of AO-27 and UO-14.

Unfortunately the Amsat rule of one-QSO per FM-bird wasn't adopted by ARRL
{the only rules that matter to most FD guys}.

Gary, you and I at least have the moral high ground {though buried on the
rest}!  Next year I will concentrate on AO-40 mode-LS {there we have
LEILA}...and no I will not operate QRP...I'll probably use 15w...ha, ha!

Well I had a bunch of fun as I didn't expect too much from the "contest".
Great wx, good picnic with my club.  Practiced with running battery/solar
power...no prob!  


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