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Was field day sats; now RS12 and auto tune

For what it is worth RS12 Mode K is the sole reason I became interested in
satellites. Back in 92-93ish I read about AO21 and tried with no luck time
and time again. Then I started listening for Dove, and discovered RS12. Like
Jerry I started out with a HF rig (TS-440) running split, and later added a
HTX-100 for the downlink, all on dipoles. Mode K is accessible, easy because
there is practically no doppler and the ten meter link is usually excellent.

On a related note...from several posts I hear of people having trouble with
their auto tune and auto doppler and auto whatever when they tried a new sat
this weekend. I think it's beneficial to turn all that crap off when you are
learning...If it's not right you don't have a chance of making a QSO. And
remember....I can't say this enough...TUNE THE HIGHER FREQUENCY!!!!!....

I am very pleased to have heard so much activity on the FO birds.

Drew, KO4MA

> I have encountered little or no activity on RS-12/13 the few times I
> listened, as well.  Jerry may have hit on the reason.  But if the HF crowd
> is not sufficiently interested or motivated to obtain mode-A equipment
> [principally a 2m all-mode], then they are not potential "anything other
> than mode-K" operators.  I guess it is an entry-way for a few hams to
> satellite operation, but once there those operators aren't populating
> mode-K or mode-A...apparently.
> Mode-K [15m/10m] is a veeerrry bad choice due to the possiblity of skip on
> 15m and unintended repeating of signals.  I wonder if such an all-HF mode
> is wanted that 24m uplink might be considered?  MUF reaches there less
> often and the band is probably less populated on the whole.  The main
> objection is the narrow freq band, I guess.

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