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AO27 and UO 14 congestion

OK Bruce and the Group.

Understand this please. I am not accusing Bruce of being rude on any of the 
birds. I have never met Bruce and do not know him. If he is like the rest 
of the Amsat bunch then he is a fine person and a great sat op and very 

I have been working the FM LEO birds for about three years now I have made 
many contacts on them on the weekends with my low power HT and Arrow. And I 
have worked many of you! For that I thank you. So satellite experience is 
not an issue here.

What my beef is that last year, I too used 50 watts to get into AO 27 and 
everybody went ballistic. This year I used 5 watts and got blown out of the 
water by Bruce. That is my beef. I understand that he was probably not the 
only high power station out there but we really did hear him more than any 
one else.

I feel that we need to do something during Field Day to help the low power 
stations. I was truly hoping that the one QSO per FM LEO rule would make a 
difference. Apparently it didn't.

Sorry if I have offended any one.  I just feel like I got cheated.

This will be my last post on this subject. As far as I am concerned. it is 
a non issue anymore!


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