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Howard G6LVB wrote:

Whilst I agree RS-12/13 is probably the easiest sat of them all to work, for
some reason I was left there on my own on several passes calling CQ.

Regarding RS10/11 - is that bird simply mothballed or did something more
serious happen to it?

Wayne replies:

According to the AMSAT web site, RS-10/11 quit responding to commands in May
1997, one month before it's tenth birthday.  Rest in peace.  I made my first
satellite contacts on RS10 using a 2 meter ground plane in the attic, R5 HF
vertical, and a barefoot FT-726R (10 watts).

Perhaps the lack of Mode-A activity is because of the demise of RS10.  It
was very popular, and one reason was that it was ALWAYS in Mode A.  RS12/13
changes modes and transponders periodically.  I think that discourages
activity because many people don't know what mode (A, K, T, KT) or
transponder (12, 13) is currently active.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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